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Since we are in Business English month and I do love a good wordle, I thought I might do a favour for armchair academics the world over and try establish the wordle as a viable analytical tool of all things lexical and financial. Behold, two fine wordles from content, a site that bills itself as the ultimate financial resource. The first is based on the content of financial blog posts in March 2010 and the second from March 2011. Common words (e.g ‘the’, ‘and’ etc) have been removed as well as ‘financial’, which obviously dominated both images.

In addition to being a useful vocabulary list for Business English teaching, we can see the following:

Government and business – you just can’t separate them!
apparently had more to say in 2011 than 2010.
Greece, EU and China in 2010 step aside in 2011 for Libya, Japan and … Berkshire (I have no idea).
In terms of proper nouns, gloomy 2010 Lehman is replaced with EITI, which has something to do with transparancy in oil and gas (must be good, huh?).
The font used for crisis in 2011 has grown, which is a little unsettling, as is the in-your-face appearance of nuclear in 2011!
Spending is WAY down in 2011 (according to my font-size analysis method). Inflation is up, growth is down. The market has shrunk slightly but let’s stay positive as pensions have grown and debt has shrunk.

QFinance blog content wordle – March 2010

The Language of Finance Wordle








QFinance blog content wordle – March 2011

The Language of Finance 2011








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