Love English Macmillan Dictionary Awards 2012

The Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards – update 2

Have you nominated your favourite English language blog and website?

Our Love English competition is now in its second week and we have received a whopping 46 nominations so far: 26 entries for best blog and 20 entries for best website, to be precise!

So, which English language blog and website have caught people’s eyes? LingleOnline and Howtospell are the runners-up for best website with 24 and 8 votes respectively, and with 110 votes, Luke’s English Blog currently has the most votes for best blog, leaving About English Idioms in second place with 34 votes.

There’s still plenty of time for you to cast yours: nominations end on Friday 21 December, but voting continues until 21 January!

Before you nominate your choice of blog/website, please make sure that it has not been nominated already. You can view who’s been nominated by going to the relevant nomination pages for best blog and best website and check out the See Entries & Vote page. Once your choice of blog/website has been nominated, you can vote for them on the same page.

Has your blog/website been nominated? Congrats! To help promote your nomination why don’t you download a badge for your site, to let your readers know that they can vote for you? You can download your badge on this page on the blog.

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