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  • We’re all so tired of winter! It has been colder and snowier than ever in Toronto. We all need a vacation from February. I put your interesting article, and the tempting photo, on my Facebook. And I added two new Vacation Words: SUNCATION and BEACHCATION. I hope it’s OK… That’s what we really want in February.Thank you, Stan for this new blog to visit>

  • Claude: You’re most welcome. Thank you for your visit, and for sharing the article. I know what you mean: February has been quite bruising here too, and spring seems to be struggling to gather any real momentum. Let’s hope your suncation arrives soon and warms the planet again, on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Laine: Oh! I’m glad to hear that. It makes my word more valid — I won’t consign it to history just yet.

  • Am only coming to this party now – a few years behind the curve! Loved the play on words and wondering about “synthetic vacation” – I know people who are ‘guilty as charged’….putting on fake tan suggestive of a week in the Canaries!

  • Hi Helen, thanks for your comment. The phrase ‘synthetic vacation’ is new to me, but the concept is not. I recall an episode of ‘Miranda’ where the title character spent a few happy days in a local hotel instead of going to the trouble of jetting off on holiday. I think we can all relate to that right now.