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  • I think it was an extremely brilliant idea to launch a crowdsourced dictionary. It makes people aware of the fact that language is a living organism which is constantly evolving. Crowdsourced lexicography is all about ‘citizen editors’ helping trace those changes. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Crowdsourced lexicography encourages the spirit of team. Macmillan Dictionary makes it possible for contributors to feel that they are part of a global linguistic community. It is really delightful to realise that your opinion counts and is paid attention to. Macmillan’s Open Dictionary is a people’s dictionary. It fosters linguistic democracy, which enables practically anyone in the world to have a say in the highly challenging proccess of creating a dictionary.

    The bottom line is that saying that Macmilan’s Open Dictionary is living dictionary would be an understatement. It is a BREATHING dictionary.

    Thank you for your infectious love of language and enthusiasm!

    Good luck and keep up the good job!

  • Hi Boris, thank you for your lovely comment, it’s great to hear from you. As the editor of the Open Dictionary I really appreciate the contribution that you and your fellow ‘citizen editors’ make to helping us keep up to date with language change. I hope you will continue to help the OD continue to breathe.