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Word of the day: goof off

March 22nd is ‘goof-off’ day!

Pause in your busy working day and think for a moment. Am I so involved in my work that I sometimes forget to take time out to relax and unwind? If that description fits you, you should definitely consider taking part in ‘goof-off’ day.

Goof-off day is unofficially observed annually in the US on March 22nd and there are apparently moves afoot to elevate the event to the status of International Goof-off day. The idea is that non-urgent work should be put off until tomorrow and you should relax and just enjoy the day by ‘goofing-off’.

Join in now by putting off non-urgent work until tomorrow; go fishing, play golf, go out and buy some new clothes, spend quality time with friends and family, do something you particularly enjoy. We all deserve a break from work occasionally so let’s join in with the spirit of the day and simply ‘goof-off’.

1. goof off

to waste time when you should be working

Main Entry: goof

1. goof or  goof up

to make a stupid mistake

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