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Carrotmob – language and words in the news

www.wordle.netCarrotmob is the new BuzzWord this week on Macmillan Online Dictionary.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s nothing to do with angry red-haired people taking to the streets to redress the injustice and persecution they suffer; let’s get that idea right out of the way. Nor is it a mob of genetically-modified carrots on the loose, although it is a good example of bioneering.

It is actually a clever new idea begat by environmental activist Brent Schulkin, whereby in accordance with a prior agreement, large groups of consumers descend upon a business, generating a great surge in turnover (which is the ‘carrot’) that can be invested in environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Carrotmobs are sweeping the world, and here are videos of two: the original one in San Francisco (10 minutes) and one in Charleston (13 minutes). Soon there could be one taking place near you, be on the lookout!

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