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Crunch creep – language and words in the news

www.wordle.netCrunch creep is the new BuzzWord this week on Macmillan Online Dictionary.

About a year ago (on 31st July 2008) the BBC’s Magazine Monitor started a series on the ‘unlikely byproducts of the credit crunch’ and the list has been growing steadily since. It is hardly surprising that in the current economic climate the Crunch Creep Monitor features a great number of items which are to do with what people eat. To name but a few: chocolate sales are up; fruit and vegetable theft from allotments are also up; sales of fish & chips are up too though with Vietnamese catfish replacing cod in some places.

Although the BBC Crunch Creep Monitor mainly focuses on changing trends in Britain as a result of the credit crunch, other countries are showing similarities as this Icelandic example proves. (Note that you will need to register with in order to read the full article.)

Following on from credit crunch and crunch creep there is now talk of ecological credit crunch too, which according to the WWF is more damaging than the globacl economic crisis.

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