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Microblogging – language and words in the news

www.wordle.netMicroblogging is the new BuzzWord this week on Macmillan Dictionary.

The term microblogging describes the activity of putting short updates such brief texts, photos etc on a personal blog by using a mobile phone or instant messaging software. The most popular and perhaps best known microblogging service is Twitter. There is debate about the usefulness of Twitter (there are those who love it and those who cannot see its value), but its rising popularity cannot be denied.

For more information about microblogging and Twitter see the links below.

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A fantastic visual representation of ‘friend’ and ‘foe’.

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The original news story for which the images were created.

More than just Google Maps and Twitter put together.

Read last week’s BuzzWord. NEET, an acronym for not in employment, education or training.

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