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  • My favorite use of because NP is because language change.

    I saw randos on the Internet on an ad the other day, and thought it was a typo for randoms, which has long been in use among hackers to mean ‘people I don’t know or have no particular reason to respect’. But I guess not.

  • John: As I understand it, rando means more or less the same thing as the random (n.) you describe. It’s often a neutral reference, but it may also connote mild disparagement or dismissal.
    I saw an example of because [pronoun] yesterday: “[David] Cameron happens to be right on this one, and people writhe to disagree anyway because him.”

  • John: There are a couple of hundred citations for ‘rando’ in the big enTenTen corpus and of course, being often spoken and fairly recent, it will much more frequent IRL. It feels a bit more disparaging than ‘random’ to me. It’s recently been added to the Open Dictionary and will be published next week.