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  • Macmillan Dictionary highlights of 2015

    Posted by on December 30, 2015

    With one more day to go in 2015, it’s time for us to look back at some of the language trends of the year … and which dictionary features were the most popular ones according to our users! The Top 5 most popular BuzzWords of 2015 were: 1. slow: “in an era characterized by frenetic information transfer and a […]

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  • What’s your favourite ‘Alice’ portmanteau?

    Posted by on September 08, 2015

    Earlier this year we asked our regular blog contributors about their favourite portmanteau words. We received numerous entries, from chillax and flexitarian to vitamin and spam. The term chortle also made an appearance and it was not the first time that a word invented by Lewis Carroll made it into someone’s list of most favourite […]

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  • Language and words in the news – 10th July, 2015

    Posted by on July 10, 2015

    This post contains a selection of links related to language and words in the news. These can be items from the latest news, blog posts or interesting websites related to global English, language change, education in general, and language learning and teaching in particular. Feel free to contact us if you would like to submit a link […]

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  • Real Grammar Twitter chat

    Posted by on June 24, 2015

    To bring down the curtain on our Real Grammar series, we held our first-ever live Twitter chat with regular blog contributor Stan Carey this week. In case you missed it, you’ll find some of the highlights below courtesy of Stan’s specially-created Storify which he put together after the event. Just click through the slides to […]

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  • Earthy Idioms

    Posted by on April 22, 2015

    New in our series of Language in Pictures is an infographic to celebrate Earth Day. Every year on 22nd April, people from all over the world help raise awareness about the natural world and the importance of conservation. If you’re thinking of using this topic in class, have a look at our latest infographic which […]

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  • Spring is in the air!

    Posted by on March 25, 2015

    Spring is in the air, Easter is around the corner and over on social media we’re talking about… the best Easter webquest under the sun!  Created by Luke Vyner for onestopenglish, students are able to consolidate their Easter vocabulary and learn more about the festival’s symbols and celebrations. In addition to the quest, the infographic […]

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  • And the winners are…

    Posted by on February 19, 2015

    Over on Macmillan Dictionary we have announced the winners of the Love English Awards 2014! Back in first place, after winning the award for Best Website two years ago, is Hungarian website 5 Perc Angol (5-Minute English)! They narrowly missed out on winning Best Facebook page, by coming second after Mastering Grammar, who won the […]

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  • Describing relationships with the love-thermometer

    Posted by on February 09, 2015

    In our daily #guesstheword challenge on Facebook and Twitter, we post a definition and ask people to guess the word or phrase we’re looking for. Last week, we asked our audience to match the word to this definition: “to love someone very much, often so much that you do not notice their faults” It’s a […]

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  • Your favourite portmanteau words

    Posted by on January 27, 2015

    Today is the 183rd birthday of the English mathematician, logician, photographer and clergyman Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. If you’re wondering why such an obscure figure deserves to be celebrated, I should quickly add that Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was the author of the children’s classics Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through […]

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  • Get organized with the BuzzWord calendar

    Posted by on January 20, 2015

    Have you made any New Year’s resolutions this year? Most resolutions go out of the window as quickly as they’ve been made, so this year Macmillan Dictionary will help those whose goal is being more organized! To help you get set up and plan for the year ahead, we have created a BuzzWord calendar for […]

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