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Presentation karaoke

Background and activity
The idea of Presentation Karaoke is that students use somebody else’s existing Powerpoint presentation, with the sound turned off (if using the internet), and give an improvised on-the-spot presentation using the slides.

The presentation slides need to be text-light and graphics-rich. And in the classroom you’ll need a computer monitor that everyone can see (you either go to the internet site that contains the presentation, or download it first onto a USB stick and play it back).

Before starting I think the student giving the presentation needs to see it all through once first (it would be very difficult otherwise), and also needs to practice how to move from one slide to another, how to turn off automatic slide progression etc. And you should use the Full Screen option.

Below I’ve given you some possible presentations to use. They are not necessarily suitable for this activity – I just found them on the internet as examples of good presentations.

History of the Button
Inbox Zero

More tips & techniques
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