language change and slang

What a colourful language!

Another week, another look around the archive and another reminder of some excellent posts we’ve had on this blog about colourful, inventive uses of language. Enjoy!

Don’t tell the parents!
I love this blog from aggslanguage, which illustrates the different forms of slang used across Britain, and tries to explain this teenage lexicon to baffled parents.

Nadsat and the power of slang
You see, my little malchicks and ptitsas, Brother Dizraeli was right, language is the lewdies that live it and language can be divisive, O yes, and it can also be infectious. And I, Bog forgive me, have been infected to the very core of my gulliver with Nadsat.

The meaning of fruitloops
I’m always delighted when someone brings a new piece of colourful language to my attention, though I always feel a bit guilty too, as though I had failed in my sacred lexicographic duty to know the meaning of every item in the language.

Dude, where’s my definition?
Is there a single word that you use in normal conversation that can define what sort of person you are? Apparently, I am defined by my regular usage of the word ‘dude’.

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