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Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011 … and round 2!

The 2010 world tour of regional English stops here but not for long …
We went around the world in 2010 asking the question ‘What’s your English?’ and we got some great answers. Thank you to everyone who contributed, really. All the content from the 2010 tour is archived here for your global English reading pleasure.

And now for something a little bit different
The ‘What’s your English?’ tour continues but along a new course, a ‘contextual’ course. How do we tweak the way we speak in different contexts? What’s your romantic English, your business English, your political, gender, online English? We’ll be asking these questions one at a time and pondering them for a month. February is all about romance and so next week we’ll start with the question: ‘What’s your romantic English?’ Well, what is it?

Finally, we’re going to end the year as we started it: with flow.
Watch Rapconteur Baba Brinkman versus hip hop emcee Professor Elemental in a rap battle ’tween British and Canadian English. The video has been put together by the inimitable Tommy Nagle; you’ll need to do some pausing and rewinding to get the most out of it. Jamie Simmonds was responsible for the instrumentals. Teachers please note, we’ve got some resources coming within the month for you to use with this video in class so keep your eyes on the blog!

Download the script for the video: Baba Brinkman and Professor Elemental in a rap battle

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