Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012, Best Blog

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  • It’s great website I learn a lot from Joanne ( easy to understand )
    Thank you
    Michael Shenoda

    Posted by Mike on 28th November, 2012
  • This is a great website to learn from and joanne has good a lot off pacints . I,m starting to understand alot more of joanne class new Thanks joanne

    Posted by Jodie land on 28th November, 2012
  • this is best website i have learned lot regarding spelling from this blog.

    Posted by alamsindhi on 28th November, 2012
  • It is an amazing website, and Joanne introduces materials very interestingly. I really lean a lot from her spelling periodicals. Thanks

    Posted by iman elnabawi on 29th November, 2012
  • The web site has given me more cornfident in spelling .

    Posted by henry Ejumudo on 29th November, 2012
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  • I hope Juan wins

    Posted by Rosana Paoletti on 31st December, 2012
  • Agnieszka’s blog is fantastic! congratulation,

    Posted by Ewa Masłowska on 3rd January, 2013
  • Posted by Lukasz Tyczkowski on 5th January, 2013
  • Where is it is hte most fabulous , useful, amazing place for English Teachers. Hope it come on voation too.. thanks a lot.. suzana/Brazil

    Posted by SUZANA lima on 5th January, 2013
  • worldwidewords: Very interesting, informative and funny. Highly recommended.

    Posted by Beata Cybulska on 6th January, 2013
  • I wish Lukes English blog win.

    Posted by Hiroshi on 6th January, 2013
  • Worldwide School’s blog is cool. It’s very informative, especially for business/scientifically minded English learners. Strongly recommended!

    Posted by John 5 on 7th January, 2013
  • Interesting blogs

    Posted by Tanya on 8th January, 2013
  • I would like english podcast to win thank you

    Posted by German on 10th January, 2013
  • I really hope Luke’s English Blog wins this competition. I think he deserves it and I truly believe it is a great site for learning English. I recommend you to check it out and listen it. Vote for Luke’s Blog!

    Posted by Anna on 10th January, 2013
  • My teacher Luke is the best for me.
    I wish Luke`s English blog to win.
    Also I hope more people will find it very useful and interesting.
    Enjoy with your English!!!!

    Posted by Olei Shu on 10th January, 2013
  • Just like my friend Anna think the most interesting blog is Luke’s ENGLISH Blog. I’m not a genius, and the dismal science discourages me. Luke puts his heart into it – it really shows. Sometimes even devotes throat listening to just pass you gain the maximum knowledge. About a half-hour recordings not to mention a string. It really is sacrifice and there is no other man who was worthy of the award to. What you do not know I recommend a listen. What you listen to regularly recommend financial support.

    (sorry for the grammar – still make mistakes)

    Posted by Marcin on 11th January, 2013
  • For me the podcast of Luke is best because of his dedication, diligence, creativity and the humor . It’s a superior way to learn English. Also you feel it’s more a friendship and is really easy . I know Luke works too hard when he can do it, so please Luke I hope you will win this competition.

    Posted by Gilles on 14th January, 2013
  • I love Luke’s blog. He has many interesting things to English learners. I hope he will be the winner! Thank you!

    Posted by Học Tiếng Anh on 15th January, 2013
    More than 100 podcasts about various themes with some special guests or great interviews with natives from the UK.
    The best way to enjoy proper English (as it is talked for real).
    Luke puts his heart into it and totally deserves to win again.
    My favorite thing about it : Luke’s amazing accent and pronunciation ;)

    Posted by Pumpkin on 15th January, 2013
  • Good learning skills. I have benefited alot from it and will recommend it for everyone.

    Posted by Roberts on 16th January, 2013

    Posted by Dmitry on 16th January, 2013
  • Comments have been switched off on both ‘best website’ and ‘best blog’ voting pages as a result of the latest round of discussion, the tone of which – we feel – is not in the spirit of our Comments and Moderation Policy:

    Posted by Macmillan Dictionary on 19th January, 2013
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