Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012, Best Website

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  • I enjoy N贸ri’s lessons. It’ very easy learning.

    Posted by Mss. Andras Zentai on 17th January, 2013
  • Thanks a lot N贸ri !!!! I am very satisfied. This is the best language “scool”: by N贸ra Szalai.!!!!!!!!! I woul’d like learning : 5 percn茅 . 馃檪

    Posted by Szilvia Farsang on 17th January, 2013
  • I know a lot of English sites, but ESLPrintables is the best and helps teachers all around the world. That麓s why it deserves to win. ESLP ROCKS!!!!!

    Posted by Michaela J铆lkova on 17th January, 2013
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    I like this website, it’s the best I know for improving our English knowledge at whatever level we are.
    With N贸ri’s short lessons we can learn every day something new, or check us our grammar or just have fun and relax. Thanks N贸ri.

    Posted by Erzsebet Kovacs on 17th January, 2013
  • VOA Special English, to me you’ll be always the best site. From you I’m learning many things. Thank you very much.

    Posted by Rosalino Bittencourt on 18th January, 2013
  • VOA Special English site is very helpful to us to learn English and be better in English. VOA is the best , i’m living with voa day by day, step by step , everything in voa so fantastic , Voa LE team help me improve my english , Words can’t begin to express just how thankful I am.

    Posted by Tam Minh on 18th January, 2013
  • I keep my fingers crossed for 5perc Angol they deserve it.:)

    Posted by Horvath Melinda on 18th January, 2013
  • I really like this site, a self-taught home – independent learning in all aspects of my solved in this way. The methodology and the curriculum is perfect, everything else is up to us!
    Thank you for the opportunity Nori!

    Posted by Erika Szemes on 18th January, 2013
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    I like very much N贸ri’s everyday short lessons. They help me to understand and use special English grammar and expressions. More over, N贸ri’s lessons are very useful in everyday English. Congratulation for this very good idea to teach English using internet!

    Posted by Felicitas Vrabel on 18th January, 2013
  • It’ very perfect website

    Posted by L谩szl贸 Kormos on 18th January, 2013
  • This website is very great and useful. Ten out of ten.

    Posted by Anita Dobos on 18th January, 2013
  • Eslprintables is a really distinguished site. It deserves to win simply because it’s interesting , useful, there are forums for discussion, questioning, thousands of worksheets, PPts, online exercises …..above all it ‘s internaional not only for Russians, Hungarians, Americans, Arabs……….. such some competing sites

    Posted by Abdellatif on 18th January, 2013
  • Website Nori’s lessons is very useful in every day English.

    Posted by Mata/Marika on 18th January, 2013
  • 5percangol is the best and most devoted English teaching site and magazine I kow! Szalay N贸ri deserves the Award. She is perfect!

    Posted by Galamb Sarolta on 18th January, 2013
  • I vote for this website – my favourite weekly read.

    Posted by Vasantha Ramaswamy-Wolter on 19th January, 2013
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    Posted by Macmillan Dictionary on 19th January, 2013