Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012, Best Website

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  • Joanne’s how to spell website is the best spelling learning web. It has helped me a lot to improve my spelling skills in addition to boosting my confidence. Thank you Joanne!!!!!!!

    Posted by Ruth on 28th November, 2012
  • l was preparing for my CAE exams last year and found this website. l past the exam with an A, and for the
    writing part this site is perfect. l continue recieving her mails and enjoy them very much.

    Posted by sandra imsir on 28th November, 2012
  • Joanne is a great , she make my spelling easy to understand Thank you!!!
    Michael Shenoda

    Posted by Mike on 28th November, 2012
  • Joanne’s how to spell website helps me improve my spelling. It is, surely, the best website for spelling improvement. I am becoming more confident in writing English. Joanne, please continue the good work, we love you and wish you all the best. Thank you!!!

    Posted by Haroon Gindo on 28th November, 2012
  • The best thing with Joanne@howtospell is that they just don’t teach you how to spell but also the pronounciation. It helped with my kids english subjects and so is my english grammar.

    Posted by Jackie on 28th November, 2012
  • Thank You Joanne!!!

    Posted by Jackie on 28th November, 2012
  • I am really very grateful Joanne for your continuous help as your lessons on spelling are very profitable to me. Many thanks.

    Posted by iman elnabawi on 29th November, 2012
  • I think Joanne’s website How to spell is the best way to learn the art of spelling. After leaving school in year 8 I have always struggled with spelling, even the most simple words. I’m now 39 years old and I recently sat an exam for year twelve and passed with a mark of 95% for my spelling. I hope she always has these resources available so others can benefit from her knowledge.

    Posted by Brendan Harris on 30th November, 2012
  • The truth is Joanne has a way of passing the knowledge across to her student for easy understanding, take for example the memory tricks.
    Joanne i appreciate you, am proud to be your student. you are simply the best.

    Posted by Babatope on 2nd December, 2012
  • I really appreciate all the effort and concern for Joanne, which really assisted me a lot in developing my spelling, with a quick simple tricks that is easy to remember and simple to practice.
    I really want to thank you Joanne, as I wish you best of luck.

    God bless
    AbdelRahman Adel

    Posted by AbdelRahman Adel on 3rd December, 2012
  • I have left teaching after 32 years due to illness and have started to volunteer at my local Neighbour Hood House. I am tutoring an African woman who wants to learn spelling techniques,rules and approaches. Joannes website has given me so many ideas and background. Thanks Joanne

    Posted by Anne Murphy on 3rd December, 2012
  • Joannes site has made me so confident in my writing she is just the best! The passion she have for what she is doing is just great.

    Posted by Nomian Benain on 4th December, 2012
  • Lingle is the absolutely best site to show grammar and vocabulary in real use. The corpus is updated every 30mins with live news from around the world so you can find and generate multiple examples of grammar, or vocabulary or combinations of both used in uptodate news media.

    Posted by Ian B on 5th December, 2012
  • I think Lingle’s great. As well as the brilliant concordancer and the authentic material it’ll do all the analysis and generate exercises for you. Wouldn’t be without it!

    Posted by Stan k on 5th December, 2012
  • This website is very helpfull to learn english. I like the joanne’s site.

    Posted by Md on 5th December, 2012
  • […] announced the second Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards and called for nominations for best website and best blog about the English language. Check out this year’s nominees and […]

    Posted by On @YourInAmerica, the Leveson Inquiry, Recent Findings and the Love English Awards 2012 « Project Chiron (Beta) on 5th December, 2012
  • This website has made a big difference in my life with regards to spelling more confidently thanks Joanne.

    Posted by Baboolal on 7th December, 2012
  • Joanne’s website is very informal. Enjoy the lessons and short questions (test). I highly recommend Joanne’s website.

    Posted by E slum Marie Rosario on 15th December, 2012
  • Because this website has been a guide for every information i want to find. It has really helped me.

    Posted by AIDEN on 16th December, 2012
  • This is a hard one. I think English Central and English Club are both so good.

    Posted by Vicki Hollett on 20th December, 2012
  • Joannes How to Spell is the best.It starts from the beginning and shows you
    the way to good spelling
    Thank You

    Posted by Dennis Smith on 20th December, 2012
  • Saves me so much time preparing classes

    Posted by Smyth on 21st December, 2012
  • Hi, I am very grateful for Aron’s endeavor to teach others,. he always kindly responds to questions and I am receiving daily lessons from his website. some of them are really useful and some of them put me in the real situation.

    Posted by aghaei nieat on 24th December, 2012
  • .One of the best website for learning real native American English. The interface and the material is really simple and straight.

    Posted by anks on 24th December, 2012
  • In my opinion, is the best website! I think the posts very interesting and always help me to learn more!

    Posted by Jennyfer on 24th December, 2012
  • I like the website PhraseMix most of all and consider that it merits to be the first!

    Posted by Nadezhda on 25th December, 2012
  • I love PhraseMix, it is a really good website for learning useful phrases. Hope it wins!

    Posted by Xiaoli on 25th December, 2012
  • Since two years I was searching of websites for learning English, and a few months back I found phrase mix. This website is what I was searching for. Now a days I am following each and every lesson of Phrase mic. But I feel regret why I did not find this website prior. I am heartily thankful to Aaron.

    Posted by Nida on 28th December, 2012
  • I know this wonderful site for nearly 3 years and the teachers who dedicate their time making worksheets, powerpoints, exercises on line are relly great for the most. And the webmaster considers this site as his child. The teachers have been sharing their resources and ideas with a great enthousiasm and they are proud to share their joy when their students improve. A great bunch of projects are suggested and a lot of joyful meetings are new sources for a better friendship and collaboration !
    Thanks to all the members and the great webmaster who runs the site !
    The motto could be : “sharing makes you and your students improve every day !”
    Long life to this site !

    Posted by Maryse Peye on 3rd January, 2013
  • ESLprintables is the best site ever! Not only does it have fantastic worksheets, it’s also filled with amazing people who are always willing to help you! VISIT and you’ll see why you need to vot e for it as the best english website ever!

    Posted by Cyn on 3rd January, 2013
  • I have voted ESLprintables because, in my opinion, it includes every other site. So many teachers and students are members of this wonderful site and share their resources and information to help the rest of us learn from their generosity and find out what’s moving and worth taking a look at.

    It s also a community full of life, both professional and personal.

    Posted by pilar on 3rd January, 2013
  • ESL Printables is by far the best thing that’s happened to me as a teacher. It not only has a rich bank of resources for teachers to use in their classes, it is also a source of advice, tips and friendship.

    Posted by Esther Lee on 3rd January, 2013
  • ESLprintables is a rich source of resources, ideas, strategies, but most of all, of friendship and mutual support. I’m a member of many other, some much more mainstream websites, but nothing rivals this one. ESLprintables is second to none, let’s hope this will be recognised here.

    Posted by Blackburn on 3rd January, 2013
  • I love the emails I get for Phrase a week from Phrasefinder ( Well-researched, fun, witty, informative, great stuff!

    Posted by Karen Fielek on 3rd January, 2013
  • The Phrasefinder is an indispensable resource in this electronic age of misquoted and misattributed quotes and phrases.

    Posted by A Young on 3rd January, 2013
  • Hi, I am very grateful for this website is very helpfull to learn english. I like Ms Joanne’s website

    Posted by Travis Quyn on 4th January, 2013
  • ESlprintables is simply the best besides thousands of awesome worksheets there are other rooms where you can improve yourself such as the forum,teachercafe, Online exercises…………

    Posted by Mabdel on 4th January, 2013
  • I would have loved to nominate my site for this award. Unfortunately, I discovered this page only today. Better luck next time. Any way, my best wishes for all the sites that have been nominated.

    Posted by Manjusha on 4th January, 2013
  • Eslprintables is the absolute best site I’ve ever known in my career. It’s indispensable resource and am grateful for this website which has a great positive impact on my life.

    Posted by Ridwan on 4th January, 2013
  • No one can deny that Eslprintables is the greatest!

    Posted by Mehdi Morocco on 4th January, 2013
  • The site ESL Printables ( gives a vast variety of English study resources and its forum is full of native speaker experts who answer your every question. No other comments, it’s just the best site for English lovers (both students and teachers)!

    Posted by Alexcure on 4th January, 2013
  • I receive “A Phrase a Week” and it’s one of the best things I receive on the net. Lots to learn and lots of fun. Am grateful for the work, and it doesn’t cost me a dime.

    Posted by Steve Byrd on 4th January, 2013
  • Eslprintables is the best of the best.It is more than a site for us( we are 743.581 registered users at the moment!)

    Posted by Halil Durak on 5th January, 2013
  • The diversity of topics and the comprehensiveness of the information on each subject are fascinating and the site makes a wonderful weekly read.

    Posted by Vasantha Ramaswamy-Wolter on 5th January, 2013
  • It is very interesting and serious about the evolution of the English language. A real mine of meanings.

    Posted by Franco Ferro on 5th January, 2013
  • It’s an excellent website. All the members can share experiences and works. The forums are interesting and funny. The teachers should relax too. Thanks ESLPRINTABLES.

    Posted by María Nuñez Ortiz on 5th January, 2013
  • Anyone fascinated by words will find this wonderfully informative and sometimes very funny. It`s my weekly online fix.

    Posted by Frances Cave on 5th January, 2013
  • We ADORE World Wide Words. I read Michael Quinion’s columns religiously. His copious and beautifully-written archives are the answer to so many of my searches for the origins of words and accidental phrases. As a history geek, his stories are fascinating; as an enthusiast of the written and spoken English word, he teaches so many lessons simultaneously. Useful and wildly entertaining. I wish I could vote for Michael 1,000 times!

    Posted by Heather/Masterton on 5th January, 2013
  • This is a very good web group for English teachers starting sharing English materials, plans and ideas or projects. ( ) Everybody is welcome to do the registration. ;-0)

    Posted by SUZANA lima on 5th January, 2013
  • from Brazil is the best web site for Portuguese and English teachers from Brazil and abroad. It is worthy! everyone is welcome!

    Posted by SUZANA lima on 5th January, 2013
  • Eslprintables is the top and the best site. No one can deny that its great importance.

    Posted by Abdelhay Morocco on 5th January, 2013
  • With so much trash on the Internet, it’s with pleasure that receive World Wide Words.
    Way to go, Brit !

    Posted by Mitchell on 5th January, 2013
  • The abruptness of the written word; sinuous, sonorous language, the humour of olde english, the delight of slang, the sarcasms, the edginess and the sour cynicism of Early Authors, trek fitfully through the corpusceles of this website. Gems of newspaper grammarmangling, muddlethink and counciltellyspeak abound. Sometimes, I sigh before commencing to read but I am, by the time I reach the howlers bit at the end, muchly pleased and refreshed.

    Posted by Roger Fyfe on 5th January, 2013
  • This is the website to cheer up the weekend. It’s packed full of interesting snippets of word fact information. Michael Quinion is the English Language Super Sleuth of the Internet. He presents us with an entertaining and informative mix of the meanings and derivations of unusual words, unusual usage, Erudite indeed, but with a light touch, and so well researched.I look forward to reading this and share it with all my friends!

    Posted by Marion McDonald on 5th January, 2013
  • An informative and delightful newsletter. I look forward to receiving Mr Quinion’s World Wide Words every week!

    Posted by Wendy McLeod on 5th January, 2013
  • worldwidewords: a wonderful site that keeps me in rapt etymological nirvana

    Posted by deeg on 5th January, 2013
  • So far am yet to see a website that takes time to treat English spelling as
    I mean that’s just the truth.

    Posted by Babatope on 6th January, 2013
  • WorldWideWords takes the lead in all such sites extolling the English Language. Its aims of elucidation and preservation are unsurpassed, and I head for it before I unrol the daily newspaper and solve the cryptic.

    Posted by LEVY on 6th January, 2013
  • No doupt Eslprintables .When we talk about other sites we say Jack’s,John’s,Mary’s etc but when we talk about Eslprintables we call it “OUR SITE” ….

    Posted by Halil Durak on 6th January, 2013
  • Everything I need for my work (I’m an English teacher) I can find at I also use some other websites but this one is the best – no doubt ;o))

    Posted by MJ_Misa on 6th January, 2013
  • World Wide Words is educational, informative, and just plain fun!

    Posted by Diane Walters on 6th January, 2013
  • I’m really interested in the orgins of words/phrases and in learning new words and this website does that in a nicely conversational way. It also engages with its readers and I love the Sic! area of media grammar messes.

    Posted by Joanne Bransdon on 7th January, 2013
  • Erudite, entertaining, and self-aware — What more could one ask for?

    Posted by Judith Humbert on 7th January, 2013
  • I was disappointed to see the site “howjsay” not included in the nominations. I am a native English speaker but still find it useful for the pronunciation of those words I’m not quite sure of. Maybe next year….

    Posted by Meg Gagie on 7th January, 2013
  • ROCKS§

    Posted by houcien on 7th January, 2013
  • eslprintables is the standout here, with the pure convenience and bulk of material.

    Posted by Graeme Jelly on 7th January, 2013
  • ESLprintables: I think it is an excellent site because it offers us a great variety of topics. The quality of the worksheets and the extensive experience of the teachers is completely proved.

    Posted by montserrat Sanmartín Fernandez on 7th January, 2013
  • Eslprintables is simply the best!

    Posted by Mabdel on 7th January, 2013
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed reading WWW. Whenever I open my INB I look fwd to the mail from WWW.

    Posted by T Srinivasachari on 7th January, 2013
  • This is the best english learning web I’ve come across, kudos to Joanne for the good work you are doing

    Posted by Mohamed on 8th January, 2013
  • In my opinion this is the best site because in it you can find whatever you need if you are learning English. The variety of topics is enormous and the experience of the teachers is proved. And what is most, everybody is always eager to help you when you need them.

    Posted by montserrat Sanmartín Fernandez on 8th January, 2013
  • ESL Printables is the best website ever. Why? Simply because it embraces all the characteristics required for being chosen the best: appealing professional appearance, clear guidelines, rich varied materials, daily increase of users, international accessibility, and last but not least perfect functionality and usability.

    In a nutshell, ESL Printables made the world of teaching a global village, where time and distance are not barriers anymore. Our work is shared in every classroom by teachers and students we haven’t met in person . It’s all made possible because of ESL Printables.

    ESL Printables ROCKS!!!

    ESL Butterfly

    Posted by Nebal on 8th January, 2013
  • Very interesting sites

    Posted by Tanya on 8th January, 2013
  • […] Деталі ось тут. […]

    Posted by Найкращі сайти для вивчення англійської. Конкурс | ENGLISHFUN.ORG on 8th January, 2013
  • It’s a perfect website.

    Posted by Edna Sá on 8th January, 2013
  • The best site for teaching and learning.We have learnt so much via eslprintables.It is addictive….

    Posted by Halil Durak on 8th January, 2013
  • Eslprintable is by far the BEST website for the teaching and learning of the English Language. It has a comprehensive collection of worksheets, power points, online activities and smartboard lessons. Best of all it is a community of teachers who love and support each other in the teaching process. I am proud to be a member and contributor of dynamic website…

    Posted by Tech_teacher on 9th January, 2013
  • I try VOA learning english and I think it’s better to learn english . there are a lot of videos in different subject where we can download . the activities also is interresting .

    Posted by ludo31 on 9th January, 2013
  • VOA listening English is the perfect web site for learning English by non-native English Speakers. It has helped me to learn 60% of perfect English. Still I am using it for learning 100% proficiency in English. 60% improvement is listening, speaking and writing. I might have got 2000 words vocabulary. I want to achieve 100% of listening skills. My aim is to understand the listening native speakers like USA, UK and Australia. It has taken me 6 years for achieving 60% skill. I don’t know how much more it would take for understanding the listening at 100%. I believe in this web site for reaching my goal. Thank u VOA learning

    Posted by SRC Murthy Vanimisetti on 9th January, 2013
  • The has greatly helped me improve my English. I started picking up VOA English since the beginning of Iran Iraq war. Now my English has gained excellent progress thanks to VOA. The VOA staffs are much dedicated to get us convinced about American English and its growth. Now a days I pitch into VOA with extreme hunger. The VOA has a sumptous meal ready for us. So plz. don’t miss our royal feast. Thank you.

    Posted by BIJU.P.Y. on 9th January, 2013
  • VOA is my favorite site

    Posted by peter on 9th January, 2013
  • hello. everyone. i love to learn english from voa. i love this website. it is like blood of my body. witout it life is impossibal.

    Posted by anuj bansal on 9th January, 2013
  • I have been studying English for a long time. but i has recently listened to VOA and i think it is one of the most effective English teaching website along with BBC. anyway, i love this site, thanks for all editors of this website ^O^ love you all

    Posted by Thao on 9th January, 2013
  • VOA special english is the best web site.It helped me to learn English easily.I love to learn english from voa.

    Posted by Mohammed Abd El_rahman on 9th January, 2013
  • Eslprintables is the best website ever created! It’s so helpful as it contains the best resources ! Personally I’ve benefited a great deal since my registration .I consider myself so lucky to be among its members.

    Posted by Yahyaoui Nadia (om aziz) on 9th January, 2013
  • I think VOA is the best website. It has all elements needed for a good learning. It depends on you to use them the right way. Thanks VOA for your support through all these years,

    Posted by JUAN ALEMAN ALEMAN on 10th January, 2013
  • I think VOA is the best website. You can learn how to write, pronounce and listen. You are also taught simple english, the kind of english one would speak during an interview and conversations you would make if you meet some people for the first time. A lot of things are taught at VOA by different teachers.

    Posted by Charleen Faranando on 10th January, 2013
  • is more than a site …much more

    Posted by Halil Durak on 10th January, 2013
  • VOA is the best

    Posted by mehdi maleki on 10th January, 2013
  • My listening skill would never get improved if I did not know VOA website few years back. It’s just sad that VOA website is currently blocked in Vietnam, which would prevent millions of students from approaching a standard source of leaning American English.

    Posted by Tuan Anh Nguyen on 10th January, 2013
  • VOA. Special English is my English website, teach me how to learn English well!

    Posted by Ryan Gunawan on 10th January, 2013
  • ESL printables: The best site ever!!! You can get the best resources and meet your best friends

    Posted by damielle on 11th January, 2013
  • I vote for VOA

    Posted by Phan Anh Tuan on 11th January, 2013
  • VOA is the best!!!

    Posted by Massimo on 11th January, 2013
  • I sometimes look into VOA website esp. Special English and I sometimes download its podcast Technology, Agriculture, Explorations, etc., I use it on my Radio online program together with BBC podcast, if you want to see/hear, please go to :
    I’ d like to say : The VOA Special English site is very helpful to us to learn English and be better in English. Thanks a lot.

    Posted by Untara on 11th January, 2013
  • VOA is the bestest site I’ve ever used. I’m a tutor at the University and always use almost all the sections: Reports: Health, Education, Economic,etc; Words and their stories,Grammar pages, and materials for teachers and students, etc. Million thanks!!!

    Posted by irina peter on 11th January, 2013
  • I love VOA and I vote for it.

    Posted by Yousef on 11th January, 2013
  • my listening get better ,when i knew voa web side, and listen every day. My english get better from day to day.I try to listen everyday.Thank for this web side .It help me a lot

    Posted by hung on 12th January, 2013
  • VOA is my teacher of English.It helped me to release that English is the easiest language in the world. Thank you!

    Posted by Oyuna on 12th January, 2013

    Posted by MIHAILO ANASTASOVSKI on 12th January, 2013
  • My favourite site is .I can find whatever I look for anytime I need soemthing

    Posted by goksu on 12th January, 2013
  • Sure, I vote VOA Special English!

    Posted by Tony Ashar on 12th January, 2013
  • I vote for great website which improve my English language VOA Learning English (Special English).

    Posted by Nazifa on 12th January, 2013
  • Joanne how to spell has helped me so much, she would never know how much. I am doing English at the moment and my spelling is so much stronger now, with the help of this website.

    Thankyou Joanne!

    P.S She has a gentle, calm and lovely sounding voice to listen to, which has helped me learn and take in more.

    Posted by Driver on 12th January, 2013
  • definitely VOA is the best,

    Posted by Wilson on 13th January, 2013
  • For sure most of these sites are useful and interesting but is simply the best!

    Posted by Mabdel on 13th January, 2013
  • VOA Special English is good for me

    Posted by Nicky on 13th January, 2013
  • I voted to VOA, because for me is a complete website to english learner. I have been learning so much from VOA. Congratulations!! prof_pauloferreira (Skype).

    Posted by Paulo Ferreira on 13th January, 2013
  • VOA Learning English benefit to the whole world.

    Posted by Yuthasak Leelasuleetham on 14th January, 2013
  • The has greatly helped me improve my English. Voa is the best website, i’m a super cool fan VOA channel , everyday i always check and leanrning voa news : economic, healthy, stories…and something like that .

    Posted by Tam Minh on 14th January, 2013
  • I love voa.and i support it ,thanks to voa helpness

    Posted by Caro on 14th January, 2013
  • Grammar, vocabulary, listening, printed, ppt or online exercises all in thousands of varieties. That’s ESLPrintables!! If you are a student you’ll get the exercises with key and also you can find explanations. If you are a teacher you can share your material and get comments, answers, other people’s stuff and so much more: friendship, understanding, so you can be a part of a wonderful community. Show me another site with so many addicts as members is a lifestyle.

    Posted by Tunde Harangozo on 14th January, 2013
  • I think VOA LEARNING ENGLISH is a greate website and i’d vote for it.

    Posted by manhmoud on 14th January, 2013
  • i vote for howtospell. it is helping me a lot with my grammar .

    Posted by nobya on 14th January, 2013
  • Great Website! My Vote is for VOA to get 1st place and must win the 2012 MacMillan Dictionary Love English Award as the best website about English!
    – Mr.Paritosh Chattopadhyay/Murshidabad/West Bengal/INDIA.

    Posted by MR.PARITOSH CHATTOPADHYAY on 14th January, 2013
  • Iemprove my english undestanding through voa I vote for Voa

    Posted by Fofana Kemessin on 14th January, 2013
  • I voted for eslprintables, I think that this web is very helpful for the teachers, because it gives you a lot of material to work with.

    Posted by Monica Quintero on 14th January, 2013
  • I voted for via because I learnt a lot from it! Everyday!

    Posted by liu on 14th January, 2013
  • I love macMilan dictionary love English!

    Posted by Liria Silveira on 14th January, 2013
  • ESLprintables: best English teaching resource on the internet

    Posted by F Logan on 14th January, 2013
  • busyteacher is the best site. I teach English from nursery to 3rd HS and I always find excellent material for my classes!

    Posted by Priscila Figueira on 14th January, 2013
  • The best website for finding resources for teachers, all levels , all kind of amazing activities. They just make our lives easier.

    Posted by Iván Serrano on 15th January, 2013
  • It’s amazing!! Full of very useful resources for every different topic

    Posted by Ines Molinari on 15th January, 2013
  • Love learning about origins of words, increasing vocabulary, Sic cullings . All presented with wit, insouciance and care.

    Posted by Susan Hern on 15th January, 2013
  • This web is so helpful for all the teachers that i feel that it is a waste of life if i don’t surf it every day.

    Posted by Sang Nguyen on 15th January, 2013
  • They offer useful secondary materials: articles, reviews, methodology…

    Posted by Melinda Huszanagics on 15th January, 2013
  • I voted for the Busyteacher’s site simply because it’s great to share and help other teachers in their mission!This is the best site ever,always updated and full of useful materials and teaching tips!

    Posted by Claudia Fisanotti on 15th January, 2013
  • is a must see for teachers of English…..

    Posted by Halil Durak on 15th January, 2013
  • This and previous year I have been improving my knowledge of English with Learn English – British Council.
    All this time I’ve done it with great pleasure. I like everything in this web-site: interesting podcasts, presenters and heroues of wich are always welcome. Great videos about Great Britain… I enjoed the brilliant language! The web-site helps to learn English in an interesting way.

    Posted by Mishchenko Yelena on 15th January, 2013
  • I love VOA very much and voted for it. I also like ESL Pod, BBC and British Could but I have only one vote. These are so helpful for ESL learners like us. Thank you so much for giving us to see a lot of interesting English learning blogs and websites.

    Posted by Học Tiếng Anh on 15th January, 2013
  • I voted for World Wide Words. I love the style and contents.

    Posted by Grace Smith on 15th January, 2013
  • I vote for voa. It has interesting articles and challenges my listening skills:-)

    Posted by koji_kabuto on 15th January, 2013
  • For me, British Council is always the best choice!

    Posted by Quan on 15th January, 2013
  • I voted for VOA. It’s a good site where I can improve my listening skill very much

    Posted by Trần Tuấn An on 15th January, 2013
  • I voted for VOA. It’s a good site where I can improve my listen skill very much – From Vietnam

    Posted by Trần Tuấn An on 15th January, 2013
  • VOA is very special for me, because contents are various and this help to improve my knowledge. Thanks and Good luck VOA.

    Posted by Rogerio on 15th January, 2013
  • I think, All candidates have a top quality. Some websites are parent from other site. But I will choose British Council for their sites such,, and Good luck.

    Posted by zeki on 16th January, 2013
  • A veru useful web for English teachers

    Posted by Ester Isern on 16th January, 2013
  • We share anything that could be useful in teaching English.Each member contributes.The more you contribute the more you benefit.I can get a worksheet shared by a member whose country I haven’t heard of.Now teaching is much more easier,and the world of teaching English is like a global village;Thanks to and its sister site thanks to Victor for all these…

    Posted by halil durak on 16th January, 2013
  • Voa english learningweb is the most interesting as far as i am concerned to give my point of view.

    Posted by fofana kem on 16th January, 2013
  • No doubt!!! esl printables is the best!!!

    Posted by Margax on 17th January, 2013
  • Bootlegger from Sri Lanka told me about your site. It is awesome! I share it with my students here and they love it!

    Posted by Clark on 17th January, 2013
  • Hello,
    We are very content that the Publishing House of Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012, Best Website chose the Hungarian 5percangol among one of the candidates for Best Website Awards. .

    As I know very well lot of English courses on the Internet I can compare the courses. Nora Szalai ‘s courses and her monthly are among the best.

    We were very grateful for her nomination for Best Website Prize and we hope that they will receive this award.


    Kati Svaby

    Posted by Kati Svaby on 17th January, 2013
  • A vote for the Hungarian 5percangol. One of the best on the Internet.


    Kati Svaby

    Posted by Kati Svaby on 17th January, 2013
  • VOA is the best.

    Posted by Shashikant Dubey on 17th January, 2013
  • Vote for 5percangol website. It’s really great!

    Posted by Marti Poschek on 17th January, 2013
  • Dear Sirs.
    Quick and easy to be learned in each lesson. Therefore, this is the best method of learning for those who have little time.
    Yours faithfully: Attila Bajkai

    Posted by Attila Bajkai on 17th January, 2013
  • I also vote for, it’s really helpful.

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