Love English Macmillan Dictionary Awards 2012

Love English Awards – winners

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. All votes for the Love English Awards 2012 have been counted and since the competition started in November we’ve received a whopping 18,236 votes from language enthusiasts all over the world. So, which blog and website are the most popular English language blog/website of 2012?

The winners of the Love English Awards 2012 are … *drum roll*

Best Website about the English language 2012:

5percangol (5705 votes)

ESLprintables (2551 votes)
VOA learning English (2501 votes)

Best Blog about the English language in 2012:

Luke’s ENGLISH Blog (1306 votes)

Worldwide School Blog (761 votes)
Close your books (388 votes)

The Macmillan Dictionary team congratulates all winners and runners-up with their excellent result.

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