Love English Awards – winners

Posted by on January 22, 2013

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. All votes for the Love English Awards 2012 have been counted and since the competition started in November we’ve received a whopping 18,236 votes from language enthusiasts all over the world. So, which blog and website are the most popular English language blog/website of 2012?

The winners of the Love English Awards 2012 are … *drum roll*

Best Website about the English language 2012:

5percangol (5705 votes)

ESLprintables (2551 votes)
VOA learning English (2501 votes)

Best Blog about the English language in 2012:

Luke’s ENGLISH Blog (1306 votes)

Worldwide School Blog (761 votes)
Close your books (388 votes)

The Macmillan Dictionary team congratulates all winners and runners-up with their excellent result.

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Comments (7)
  • I want to thank all the people who have voted and supported me to be the third!!! I really love English and feel very satisfied with this position. Thanks!!!

    Posted by Ana García Álvarez de Perea on 23rd January, 2013
  • […] href=”; target=”_blank”><img alt=”" […]

    Posted by Another Award-Winning Year! | Luke's ENGLISH Blog on 23rd January, 2013
  • Congratulations! I also voted for my favorite site and blog but my choice isn’t in the list of winners.

    Posted by Học Tiếng Anh on 24th January, 2013
  • I really believe ESLprintables deserved to win! Congrats to the winner anyways!

    Posted by Cyn on 24th January, 2013
  • I’m really pleased to have won the award again! When I first started doing the podcast I never expected to get such a large audience. It’s like a dream come true for me.

    Posted by Luke Thompson on 25th January, 2013
  • I’m with Cyn and Hoc Tieng Anh, though for a different nominee. I truly feel that World Wide Words is a winner. It is in my book, regardless!

    Posted by Sandra Boedecker on 28th January, 2013
  • 5percangol really deserved to win :) Congratulations! They are supported by learners as well as tutors all around the country (Hungary) and on Face… too. They inspire people a lot day by day :)

    Posted by Eugenia Lujza on 28th January, 2013
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