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Merry Christmas, Teachers!

OneStopEnglishFor the month of December we are going to have a number of posts focussing on teachers, and so who better to hook-up with than, the number one resource site for English language teachers?

Macmillan Dictionary and have got together with expert authors Tim Bowen and Kerry Maxwell to link the weekly BuzzWord from Macmillan English Dictionary with learning English. Our experts have written lesson plans based on articles from the BuzzWord archive to provide teachers with a fun way to mix easy, low-prep teaching (for those days when energy is low) with getting students excited about new English words, highlighting the exciting way that English grows and changes.

So watch this space and this space throughout the month and join in on the festive feeling of learning, living and loving … in English!

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Laine Redpath Cole


  • From one tired A level English Language teacher, thanks for this resource! Kerry’s stuff is always really excellent, so it will come in really helpful as we study language change in the next few weeks.

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