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Open Dictionary word of the week: cheapuccino

cheapuccino (noun)

low-quality, inexpensive cappuccino, e.g. from a vending machine
I didn’t have time to have proper lunch, so I bought some snacks and cheapuccino at a gas station.
(Submitted by Monika Dołęga from Poland)

Times have changed. From what I can tell, the cheapuccino has emerged as a result of trying to cut costs in a harsh economic climate to replace the luxury cappuccino we’ve all come to love. Back in 2006 things were looking better, so much better, in fact, that we were even buying our little ones cappuccinos and had to come up with a name for it: babyccino. It looks like the capuccino could be a good indicator of how well you’re doing financially … if you live in a place that has a Starbucks, of course.

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