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Open Dictionary word of the week: heart

heart (verb)

to like someone
We heart you almost as much as we heart Britney’s Dolce & Gabbana makeover.

(Submitted from the United Kingdom)

I heart this so much I think I’m going to (micro)blog about it. First of all, I think we need to add ‘or something’ to the definition: ‘to like someone or something’. Still sounds wrong. That’s because when I read over the word like I see a little blue cuff and a little white hand giving the thumbs-up. Sticking to our online English theme to ‘like’ something is to give it your stamp of approval on Facebook, to ‘heart’ someone or something is to give it some love. To ‘heart’ is another great example of a word that has been tweaked for the Internet – more likable online English words here from our baller bloggers.

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