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Scottish FlagWelcome to our Scottish English page.

This page contains a growing list of resources regarding Scottish English. These are links relating to how Scottish English has influenced English or how English is spoken in Scotland.

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Our blog posts on Scottish English

Speaking Scots
Scots-English, to me, not only expresses the heart of me, but expresses more than just language, more than these letters on the page. These words, to me, they just sound right.

That’s my patter …
Glasgow instantly challenges you with fiercely abrasive consonants whilst Edinburgh charms and beguiles with the neo-Classical beauty of her modulated vowels (think Miss Jean Brodie in her prime).

Bunker and slitter
Placed in the right hands, Scots can be a very demanding and creative language …

A Glasgow wedding
What better demonstration could there be that Scottish English, like the Scottish people, draws you in and makes you welcome?

Scottish English resources

Scottish English by Wikipedia.

Notes on Scottish English vowel sounds.

List of English words of Scots origin.

Scottish slang

Listen to some Scottish slang.


How to talk with a Scottish accent.
Always use the word “wee” when describing something small or young.

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