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So you want to be an English Language Teacher? – infographic

A recent poll has suggested that the English Language Teaching profession is becoming more popular amongst newly graduated students in the UK.

The following infographic, created for teacher’s resource site onestopenglish, includes some introductory information about how to get into English Language Teaching (ELT), such as things to consider before deciding on becoming a teacher, necessary qualifications, where most ELT teaching jobs are in the world and more.

Fun and very useful!


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  • I’m greatly in need of being an international English Language teacher. I am a primary Teachers’s Certificate holder. How best can I be part of you? Thanks.

  • I did my masters in eng.literature in1990.l have been teaching English for the last 16 yrs.i want to improve as a teacher.need to know what is suitable for me

  • Hello my name is Sarah and I have a master’s degree in English litterature from a French university. Is that enough to be an English teacher or should I take the CELTA, DELTA or TESOL exams ?

  • I would like to have more information about CELTA please where can I take this course ???

  • i studied to become an english language teacher . i teach at state schools in bs as province argentina but i feel that i have lost my fluency and vocabulary in english because I teach english at other level and i don’t use it at a higher level , le’ts say . so sometimes i feel sad about that. I need to polish my English .
    It is not well paid in my country . and children do not buy the books . that’s a big problem. and that also means too much work on the part of the teacher .
    interesting to think about it .

  • Sarah – This depends on the school you’re applying to. You will probably have better chances of getting into English language teaching with a CELTA or a similar English language teaching qualification.

  • I am an english teachr with b ed..sinc english language is more advanced i should b more vijilent in english languag teaching…so..i think this blog will help me to improvE more…let me knw wher i want to search more to get knowledgiabl activity ….

  • I’m an English teacher.I have studied English literature and I have graduated.But I teach English as a second language and this isn’t good for me because I can’t improve my language and speak fluently and I forget alot of vocab.

  • I took the Trinity CertTESOL course at Oxford Tefl in Barcelona back in 2010. I’ve been teaching in Spain since then. The course was totally worth it. It really helped me prepare to go directly into teaching in a real job once I was done with the course. The CELTA course is the equivalent. Same thing, but different brand. A huge plus for Oxford Tefl, which helped me decide where to do the cousre, was that they have a life-long careers service. So even now, 4 years after having completed my course they’re helping me find summer work in other countries so that I can continue travelling! =)

  • Yes, Teaching English has become a very important job . There are lots of English teachers but not with the required qualifications. In Perú junior English teachers prefer to teach at an Institute rather than schools. Nowadays there is a heavy demand to learn English in the best way so there are plenty of opportunities for us the teachers.

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