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Sea Surge

A surge is a sudden increase in something such as price, value or interest.

The word surge is also used to describe an unexpected heightened feeling such as ‘a surge of emotion’.

The recent breakdown of the BA computer system was possibly caused by a ‘power surge’.

A large crowd can surge forward to reach an objective or to escape apparent danger.

A tidal or storm surge is caused by a severe low-pressure weather system with gale force winds that force a high spring tide to breach coastal defences causing flooding. The east coast of the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium were severely affected by a North Sea surge in 1953 during which more than 1800 people were drowned, and severe property damage was caused.


1. a sudden increase in something such as price, value, or interest
Forecasters are predicting a pre-Christmas surge in spending.

a. a sudden increase in the strength of a feeling
a surge of emotion/desire/anxiety

b. a sudden increase in electrical power that can damage equipment connected to it
a power surge

2. a sudden movement of a large group of people
the surge of the crowd towards the town square

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