Teaching English as a ‘global’ language?

Posted by on April 20, 2010

A new video, by David Crystal, which answers the question: Should English be taught as a ‘global’ language?

The video has been prepared for Global, Macmillan’s new course for adult learners of English.

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    Posted by Link love: Language (16) « Sentence first on 22nd April, 2010
  • […] Teaching English as a ‘global’ language? | Macmillan […]

    Posted by Книги для детей и родителей − Dramatizing in English Teaching. 7-11 классы. Учебно-методическое пособие читать, купить ,смотреть онлайн – on 1st May, 2010
  • It would be a wonderful thing if one could getthe English text in written form (perhaps by building in a button that delivers the text). That would be a good thing for learner of English.
    By the way – congratulations for the video – the sound quality is excellent.And what David Crystal says about global English is very interesting.

    Posted by Ruediger Zirkel on 4th May, 2010
  • I’d like to know what’s IP?

    Posted by Silvia Alejandra Suárez on 6th July, 2010
  • Silvia: it’s actually RP not IP that David Crystal mentions in the video.
    RP stands for ‘received pronunciation’ – http://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/RP

    Posted by Kati on 7th July, 2010
  • I’m surprised to have found David Crystal once again… I studied some texts of his at the teaching training college and I’m glad to learn what he says these days.
    Without looking for it, I got an answer for a question many students do: What do we learn? American or British English?
    The video is wonderful… It has opened my mind, and triggered my will to go back to my notes and keep learning.

    Posted by Josefina Turtl on 7th July, 2010
  • The video is excellent!
    Is it possible to have the transcript?
    Thank you so much.

    Posted by Heloisa Ortiz on 29th March, 2011
  • I’m glad you found the video useful. I’m afraid the interview was not scripted and the video hasn’t been transcribed either so we have no script available.

    Posted by Kati on 29th March, 2011
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