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Teaching metaphor tip of the day: field

The Metaphor Boxes in Macmillan English Dictionary deal with groups of words and phrases that all share the same key idea. However, there are many other metaphors and metaphorical uses in English that do not belong to groups like this. Many of these are shown in the Macmillan English Dictionary, at individual headwords. Others are new metaphors that people create when they want to describe a situation more effectively, and many of these never appear in any dictionary.

Look at the entry for the noun field.

1 What is its literal meaning? How many of its meanings are metaphorical? What connections can you see between its different meanings?

2 How would you translate its different meanings into your own language? Would the metaphors stay the same?

3 Now do the same thing for these words:

line    head    green    push

Note: the answers to the exercises will be posted at the end of this week.

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