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Teaching tips for green English: animation

The greenhouse effect

Today’s teaching resource for green English combines an animation and a worksheet which demonstrate to students how excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to the greenhouse effect.

What is the Greenhouse Effect? – PowerPoint
This presentation of six slides developed in partnership with the Science Museum includes a colourful Flash animation showing how the greenhouse effect occurs.

What is the Greenhouse Effect? – Worksheet
In pairs students ask and answer questions about how and why the greenhouse effect occurs before completing a gap-fill exercise and talking about the animation using speaking prompts. Extensive teacher’s notes give options for group work and whole class activities.

For further tips for teaching green English, see:
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  • For some reasons the animation part of the presentation doesn’t work:( at least on my computer)

  • Please try clicking on the link and downloading the file to your local machine. I hope that’ll work. Let me know if it doesn’t. Thank you.

  • This file is very well informed and easy to make students concentrate on the lsesson.
    In short, this is best lesson plan.
    I think very highly of it.
    Thank you.

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