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Top 20 green buzzwords in English

Green English month brings you some frequent buzzwords relating to the environment. Feel free to add other words in a comment below.

top buzzwords

green: to make something more environmentally-friendly
the Anthropocene
: the period from the 18th century until the present day, characterized by the effect of humans on geology, climate and the environment
greenwash: to try to convince people that you are doing something which is good for the environment
eco-bling: ecological gadgets and technology which do not save or produce very much energy relative to their cost

waste & recycling

e-waste: used electronic devices that have been thrown away
PAYT: a system in which people pay for their rubbish to be collected and the amount they pay is based on the amount of rubbish they produce
precycling: buying particular products based on how recyclable or environmentally-friendly they are
: to reuse an object or materials to create a product of higher value or quality than the original object or materials

food & the environment

cookprint: the environmental impact of using energy and other resources in order to prepare meals
slow food
: food which is carefully prepared using traditional cooking methods and organic ingredients, and is intended to be eaten and enjoyed slowly for maximum benefit
food mile: the distance that a food item travels from the place where it is produced to the place where it is eaten

fashion & the environment

greentailing: the business of selling environmentally-friendly products to the public
: fashion items and objects which are created from used, thrown-out and recycled elements

people & the environment

locavore: a person who only eats food which is grown or produced locally
ecovore: someone who eats in an enviromentally-conscious way
ecosexual: a person who has a very strong interest in environmental issues, affecting their lifestyle and choice of romantic partner
off-gridder: someone who does not using public supplies of utilities such as electricity and water

transport & the environment

gas-sipper: a vehicle which is cheap to drive because it does not use a lot of fuel
: driving a vehicle in a way that reduces the amount of fuel you use
range anxiety
: a worried feeling whilst driving an electric car caused by thinking that you might run out of power before reaching your destination

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  • One to add: I like the term ‘ecotarian’, from ECO- + vegeTARIAN. Strictly speaking you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to be ecotarian, but it certainly helps. At the risk of sounding smug, we veggies realized many years before the current eco-bandwagon that not eating meat is not just kinder to animals, it’s also a lot kinder to the environment, and many times more sustainable than rearing animals for meat. See for more…

  • May I suggest: ecological footprint = the amount of natural resources an activity/service demand to be produced, developed and distributed.

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