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What’s new? Microblogs, that’s what!

You may have noticed that a new side panel has appeared on the blog of late – the Learn English microblog.

We know you enjoy the main blog entries (and don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere!), but we also understand that you don’t always have time to read a full blog entry, so we’re providing bite-sized snippets of information, specifically aimed at teachers and learners of English.

Every day, blog authors Sharon Creese and Beth Penfold will be posting interesting ELT facts, commenting on news stories and developments in the ELT world, and posing questions about the realities of learning English. They’ll also be investigating which words you’ve been looking up in the Macmillan Dictionary as part of your teaching / learning, and why.

The microblog sits on the right hand side of the home page (just look for the red microblog speech bubble), but you can also access the posts from the Learn Live Love lists at the top of the page, and via the ‘Category’ and ‘Posts by Author’ links down the side. We’ll be tweeting about these new posts too, so there should be no excuse for missing out!

We’d love to hear what you think of this new section on the blog, and any topics that you’d like us to cover, so go on, you know what to do – get Commenting!

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