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  • Great post – I totally agree.
    As a (tired) trainer I can testify that finding a good GE material for adult professionals is probably the hardest part of my work. Too many of the books out there are intended for young adults or teens with other interests. Moreover, I think the distinction should be made between what is professional and what is “private” – many trainees want to be fluent and be able to socialize without having to talk about there personal lives (especially in France). .
    He who has ears, let him hear!

  • In about 1988, I took a business writing course, offered on Saturday mornings, at Phoenix College in Phoenix Arizona. The professors who taught the class were two women who were both full faculty staff at ASU. These professors wrote our text, making the class quite interesting. They taught that business writing should be clear, concise, and not full of cliches and the jargon that dominated most business correspondence. Armed with my newly found information, I slowly proceeded to educate my coworkers, from partners to secretaries. The partner who was in charge of me gave me the task of writing all of his complicated correspondence including IRS letters and various agencies. He told me that I wrote the best business letters he had seen. What wonderful motivation!

  • In my humble opinion, choosing the resource is only half the battle, a “good” teacher/trainer is able to make it come alive and use the material to inspire the trainee/learner. Of course it certainly helps if the content is attractive and up to date. With technology and social trends changing so quickly these days, resources become out of date before you can say Reginald Arkwright. This surely means the publishers need to be ready to edit more frequently for popular series in order to keep them fresh – One year’s “My Space” soon surrenders to this year’s “Facebook”.. if we’re talking strictly come business then we may afford a nod to “Linked in”.. In truth BE can include “anything that happens whilst at work”, “whilst looking for work” or “whilst changing jobs”..and since “at work” could be on a trip, at lunch or even on a football pitch, the possibilities are endless..